Service Area and Shipping Policies

Rejected Product

All rejected product will be in the cold box at the LA Dock and addressed after 8:00 a.m. the following day.




Redeliveries in Market Area = $10 per pallet

Redeliveries out of Market Area = $25.00 per pallet


Same day Redeliveries ARE NOT guaranteed


Volume Discounts


Orders of 5 or more pallets into the Market Area = $5 discount

Orders of 10 or more pallets into the Market Area = $10 discount


Volume discounts apply to each pick-up number separately and independently

Are not accumulative per customer (unless otherwise noted)

Volume discounts may not apply to all commodities

**Volume discounts do not apply on deliveries out of market area**


Delivery Times & Appointments

Due to the varied times in which LTL orders become available, on-time deliveries and Appointment delivery times cannot be guaranteed

Griggs will not be responsible for any late fees incurred due to missed delivery appointments on LTL shipments


All lumper & unloading fees will be added to the freight charges



All Temperatures on LTL shipments will be set and adjusted accordingly to accommodate a wide variety of commodities

(Truckload shipments can be set at requested temperatures)








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